Everyone here at Your Back Yard hopes that you had a great Christmas and are feeling refreshed and ready for 2019! We think that this will be a great year for us as we have lots of exciting projects coming up that we can’t wait to share with you.

At the end of 2018, we got the good news that our application to the REACH Fund for final stage feasibility funding  for the Ground Source Heat Pumps project had been approved. This means that we can progress to the next stage of the project, which aims to combine the benefits of renewable energy with the potential to improve the quality of sports pitches in Bradford. We are currently in the process of seeking out contacts from each end user we’ve identified in order to find out who’d be interested in taking part in the trial project. We’ll keep updating you all about our progress on this exciting project, so keep your eyes peeled!

Throughout 2019 we will also be continuing with our programme of free healthy living events for over 50s. You can find out the dates for our upcoming yoga and walking football by following the links provided. We have other activities planned as well so like our Facebook page and follow our Twitter account to ensure you don’t miss anything. You can also email us on contact@yourbackyard.org.uk or ring us on 07970903766 to find out more details or ask any questions you may have.

At the end of December 2018 we also applied for funding to fund a project that would work to reduce loneliness levels and the effects of marginalisation in Bramley. We, along with Barca-Leeds and a variety of other local organisations and charities, would like to create social networks based around shared interests, linking people up with those who have a similar interest who they might not have previously socialised with. This would help to break down barriers and create more of a community feel in the area. We would also like to create networks based on a ‘time bank’, skills exchange, system. This would involve us organising and facilitating meetings between people that could find each other’s services useful. For example, an individual could cut someone’s hair for free in return for that person mowing the individual’s lawn. This would also break down social barriers, as well as increasing the self-esteem of many people in Bramley and teaching them new skills.

We will also be holding 2 more Healthy Living Park projects in the summer of 2019, so stay tuned to hear more information about those so that you can get involved!

Make sure to check our website so that you don’t miss anything, as we update it regularly with what we’ve been up to and what we’re planning on doing in the future. We will also be uploading our 2017/18 annual report very soon, so please do give that a read if you’re interested in how our year was!



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