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Latest Projects

Zoom to 3K

In Zoom to 3K, we want to take the best of our recent projects, and use intergenerational friendships to foster less isolation and more physical activity for those involved.

Windmill Hill Big Local Evaluation

We’ve been commissioned to evaluate the impact of the work done so far by Windmill Hill’s Big Local scheme, in order to give direction for the final few years of the partnership.

Digital Inclusion for Bramley Elderly Action

Bramley Elderly Action have commissioned ‘Your Back Yard’ to provide digital support for 30 of their members.

Men’s Film & TV Club

To get more men participating in online groups, ‘Your Back Yard’ are hosting a Film and TV club exclusively for older men.

Social Entrepreneurship Training

We provided training sessions for social entrepreneurs in the Wakefield area, covering everything from marketing to the legalities.

Feasibility Work for Windmill Hill

In October 2020, we were asked by the Windmill Hill Big Local to undertake a feasibility study into whether a renewable heating system or a community bike scheme could be potential major capital projects for Windmill Hill Big Local to pursue as part of their final plan.

Latest updates

Free Exercise Classes On Zoom
Free Exercise Classes On Zoom

We’ll be host free online classes for older adults. Click to get the information and hop on a class.

Food For The Brain
Food For The Brain

So let’s get this straight- you can improve your mood and cognition, by eating tasty food?! Click to find out more.

Bramley Walking Wanderers Post Match Report- 14/05/21
Bramley Walking Wanderers Post Match Report- 14/05/21

Tony Mullin reports on this mornings tense game…

Hydration: Health and Habits
Hydration: Health and Habits

In this weeks nutrition cafe, Ann-Marie walked us through the topic of hydration, why it’s important, and how to avoid dreaded dehydration.

Staying Strong Through Diet
Staying Strong Through Diet

A combination of diet and exercise choices can promote strong muscles and bones, well into older age. Read on to discover what choices will help you keep strong.

What people are saying about us

“It was great fun day, and we enjoyed doing different activities in the park with our children. It gave us the opportunity to spend some quality time together, and have fun at the same time. All the activities were well planned and were very interactive.

Fathers of children from Brackenhill Primary School

“Tony has been an invaluable source of advice and energy in consulting with the community in Aberford as an integral part of developing our Master Plan. The work he has undertaken has meant we have been able to reach out to the whole community – adults, children, young people, businesses and community groups – in ways we simply do not have the skills to do ourselves.”

Parish Councillor and Chair of Aberford Master Plan Steering Group