Free Exercise Classes On Zoom

Published by Sydney O'Connor on

If you’re over 55(ish!), or just fancy some free, gentle exercise classes, this one is for you!

There’s no need to sign up, you just click on the link you’ll be taken straight there! No complicated logins, just your free class:)

The Schedule:

Monday 21st June- Standing Yoga for All with Mel at 10AM:

Wednesday 23rd June- Zumba Gold with Catherine at 12:30PM:

Thursday 24th June- Everyday Strength and Functionality with Arun at 11AM:

Friday 25th June- Tai Chi Foundations for Vitality with Arun at 10AM:

You can receive the schedule straight to your email by clicking on this link: and typing in your email address.

Additional information:

Each class will last 30 minutes, after which we’ll be staying on the call for a ‘Zoom Cafe’ if you fancy meeting some new friends or chatting to some old ones.

This project is in partnership with Bramley Elderly Action, Richmond Hill Elderly Action and MHA Communities Rothwell, with support from 100% Digital.

Before you start a class, make sure that you’re feeling well enough to do it, and don’t be afraid to take breaks as you need them. And be sure to clear the space around you so you have enough room to move and groove! By participating in one of our classes, you agree to the disclaimer which you can read here.



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