Your Back Yards 2021 Wrap Up

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Well, the end of 2021 is here and to say the very least… what a year it has been! 

Our year certainly kickstarted with a bang on the 6th of January when Americans stormed the Capitol. Since then, we have spent our time; queuing hours for petrol, attending COVID-vaccination appointments (unless anti-vaxxers convinced us otherwise), and we made the most of staycations in the UK (even if we never went to Peppa Pig world)!

Amongst all the chaos if we look at the year a bit closer to home, with us here at Your Back Yard, our year was full of fun, sports, and social activities. So, let’s take a closer look at what our projects have achieved in 2021, and what’s to come in 2022! 

Men’s Film and TV Club
In February Sydney launched our Men’s Film and TV Club with a couple of OG members. As word got around about our club over the year, we have had 15 senior men join our Thursday zoom calls! In total, the club has watched and reviewed 43 films/shows, which varied from the BBC Winter walks series, to animations of Paddington bear! I have to admit Educating Rita was a personal favourite of mine!

The film club will be continuing into the new year, so if you want to join our men’s club, sign up to our mailing service here:

Digital Inclusion Project
Not even the governments COVID tier system stopped us from continuing our digital inclusion work this year! In times of relaxed and even strict restrictions, we got just under 30 older adults online. In partnership with BEA, we loaned out 15 4G enabled tablets to the older adults who received digital support from our amazing team of student volunteers. Thanks to the support from 100% Digital Leeds, we also loaned out 10, 4G enabled smart phones to older adults across Leeds.

To find out why getting older adults online through digital cafes and device loaning schemes is important, check out our blog post here:

Thanks to some new funding we have received from OP Forum, we will be running an additional digital café in February 2022, at Bramley Lawn Club to cover more things digital! If you want to seek the benefits of getting online join us at our digital cafes in the new year! 

Your Back Yard Event
On July 15th we hosted our very own YBY open day at the HEART Centre! After months of communicating over email and running our projects on zoom we thought it was about time we got everyone socialising under the sun in person. We had teas and coffees all round, with some guest appearances from the Men’s Film and TV Club members, and the football stars of Bramley Walking Wanderers! 

Getting Active and Online
Our biggest online project of the year was ‘GAAO’ which aims to get older adults active and online, by running a programme of livestreamed exercise classes. Our amazing instructors Jan, Sarah and Arun ran their classes every week, so older adults stayed active, from the comfort of their home. You can watch a few of their classes on our YouTube channel here. To spice up the classes and zoom cafes over the year, we had guest speaker Ann-Marie lead a series of interactive food-based talks. You can read more about Ann-Marie’s talks on our blog page here:

Our GAAO project will be progressing in the new year with the addition of not ONE… but TWO new Monday classes. You can find out more details about our 2022 class schedule below, and to receive the weekly schedule to your email, sign up to our mailing service here:

Bramley Walking Wanderers
Well, our Bramley mixed walking football team may not have made it to the premier league (yet!), but they did become a constituted walking football team in October! And if the team becoming constituted was not a big enough achievement, thanks to councillor Kevin Ritchie they got their own training pitch in Bramley. The team have a few matches lined up in the new year so, make sure you keep up to date with their wins, by following them on twitter here:

As they say it’s best to keep it short and sweet, so we won’t keep going on and on about what else we have got up to this year, amongst everything else detailed above. 

We do want to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported us this year, from our volunteers and local partnerships to our placement/intern students and board members. 

We look forward to seeing you all in 2022 for an even bigger and better year! 



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