Getting Active and Online- Update!

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At Your Back Yard, we were busy trying to tie up loose ends before we were locked down again, as I’m sure you have been too. 

For us, this has meant creating fitness content for our YouTube channel aimed at older adults to help them keep active from home. Over the last week we’ve filmed 6 hours of classes, ranging from yoga, tai chi, dance, chair based exercise and ‘Jo Wick’s’ style workouts. All the instructors were an absolute pleasure to work with, and I’m sure you’ll find that there is something for all interests and abilities!

Jan getting her warrior 2 on!

All of this is in the name of our new project, ‘Getting Active and Online’, where we’re encouraging members of Neighbourhood Networks across Leeds (and anyone else who wants to get involved!) to keep moving throughout these rocky times. 

Thanks to funding from Awards for All, we have been able to purchase 10 tablets to give to cohorts of older adults to allow them to access this online content, but also to help them feel connected whilst having to stay apart. 

In the future, to help with the social isolation brought on by the lockdowns, we plan to host livestream sessions of the classes also, with the Zoom cafe at the end to allow participants to have a chat up and a cuppa! 

All of this work wouldn’t be possible without the fantastic volunteers from the University of Leeds who are helping us to train the recipients of the tablets, and our amazing videographer who has helped us with the technical side of shooting.

Still Zooming- a snap from one of our volunteer meetings

It seems this project is really coming together now. We’re already looking forward to posting another blog to update on our progress, and to let you know when the pre recorded and live streamed classes are going live. 

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