The Benefits of Walking Football – This is one sporting activity for everyone!

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On the heels of our successful Walking Football sessions, and with our older adult’s sports day fast approaching, it has never been more relevant to talk about the health benefits associated with Walking Football!

Walking Football is just a slowed-down version of the beautiful game. It is exactly how it sounds – just a standard game of football where you walk instead of run. Walking Football is increasing in popularity and is designed to help players maintain an active lifestyle, regardless of age or fitness level. This is one sporting activity that is suitable for all!

Physical Health Benefits –

Walking football offers multiple benefits in the form of physical and mental health. In terms of physical health, Walking Football has been shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke, whilst improving blood pressure. Positive changes have also been seen in resting heart rate, lowered cholesterol, improved blood sugar levels, bone density, all alongside reducing the odds of suffering from type 2 diabetes! Additionally, this high aerobic activity shows market improvement in fat oxidation, resulting in fat loss and gained muscle. These are all great indicators of general good health.

Mental Health Benefits –

Alongside the physical benefits of Walking Football, we can’t overlook the mental health benefits! Coming off the back of multiple lockdowns, it has never been more important to focus on mental health, as it is very common to feel isolated and slightly uncomfortable with how the world is changing. Walking Football has been shown to benefit players psychologically due to the high levels of personal reward and satisfaction, accompanied by reduced levels of stress.

Walking football also gives you the chance to overcome isolation and engage in community sports. It provides the opportunity to make new friends, form long-lasting relationships, and meet like-minded people. Overall, the set-up of Walking Football improves your social circle and overall quality of life, helping to tackle isolation by making you feel part of a wider community.

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