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Hi All, as new year approaches, we’re reflecting on all the successful projects we have ran in 2019. Below is a summary of what we have been up to this year.

Greenmoor Big Local

We spent a few weeks back in the summer working with the Greenmoor Big Local http://www.greenmoorbiglocal.co.uk/ on a feasibility study into their options for incorporation, finding a community base for their activities and securing long term funding.  Since the study was done, they have become a charitable incorporated organisation, and moved into their new premises, so that worked out well!

Brackenhill park- July 2019

Back in the spring we were lucky enough to have 2 students from Leeds University doing a short term placement with us. Their project was to carry out surveys in Brackenhill park in Bradford, finding out what improvements and activities people wanted to see. They did a fantastic research  report, short term action plan which we launched with some activities with pupils and parents from 2 local primary schools.

Beechwood Bidston and Ballantyne big local

In the summer we were commissioned by Beechwood Bidston and Ballantyne Big Local, in Birkenhead,  to help them write their 5 year plan for investing their Big Local money. We underpinned this with loads of consultation with the public, local groups and organisations, and came up with an exciting plan including healthy living activities, a refurbished community centre, work with local schools to raise aspirations and an anti-poverty programme.

Ground Source Heat Pumps.

Thanks to a grant from the Reach fund we have spent most of the year (it’s been gradual but slow progress!) working with Ebtech, a company that specialises in renewable energy projects, on an exciting project idea that looks to combine the benefits of renewable energy, playing field improvements and the creation of a fund to support community projects.

This will be achieved by installing ground source heat pumps beneath a sports field, to generate the renewable energy, and at the same time installing pitch drainage to help make the grounds playable all year around.

We now have a preferred site in Bradford, all heat users (4 schools) signed up in principle to use the heat, and a number of social investors keen to invest, just need the Council to get fully on board!

Bramley Walking Football

We began our weekly walking football at Bramley on 16th September with Bramley Elderly Action. It has been a great success with consistent attendance each week. We are now looking to organise a game between Bramley and Otley or Owls next year and are hoping to find sponsorship, hopefully even a kit and then start playing some league matches

People Postcode Lottery- over 50s sports

We also began our over 50’s sports sessions funded by the People’s Postcode Lottery funded. We have worked with various organisations such as Different Strokes, Catch up Club and Rhinos Active Social on this project. People have enjoyed a range of sports from tai chi, seated yoga and walking football. These sessions with continue into the new year.

Neighbourhood Networks- over 50s sports

Our sport England funded sports sessions for over 50s have also got underway this year. We have worked with 15 neighbourhood networks across Leeds to deliver these sessions and have offered a variety of sports such as walking netball, tai chi, gentle exercise and walking rugby. These sessions will also continue into the new year. Contact your local Neighbourhood network to see if they are involved.

Heights and Bawns Healthy Living project

One of our most recent projects this year is the launch of our healthy living initiative in the Heights and Bawns areas of Farnley and Wortley Ward. For this project we are working with the council, local primary schools (Greenhill and Lawns Park) and community organisations. We will be delivering an activity programme for the schools as well as sports sessions and social interest sessions for adults in the area. The bulk this project will begin next year, there will be a lot happening in Farnley Hall Park,  (if it ever stops raining!) So if you live in Farnley keep checking back for updates!




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