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Hi All,

Just an update about a project we are currently pursuing. Given the success of our past projects in the areas of improving green spaces and encouraging healthier living in both children and the elderly, we are looking to create a new overarching project that includes all of these elements. We want to create partnerships between local parks and communities in Bramley and Pudsey focusing on three areas:

  • Community Fun Days- We would like to put on fun days in local parks (when the weather improves!) that will have a variety of activities and be open to everyone in the community.
  • Schools- We would like to provide a variety of healthy activities such as football, tai chi and dance to primary school children that would take place in local parks.
  • Elderly Action Groups- We would like to provide walking sports and gentle exercise sessions to elderly groups, also hosted in local parks.

Here are some reasons why doing work in these areas is so important to communities:

  • Having more events for communities is in the top 5 priorities for the future of local parks in Leeds (Leeds Parks Survey 2018).
  • Only 17.5% of children are currently reaching the NHS daily activity guidelines (NHS).
  • 12% of those aged over 50 in Leeds described their health as being ‘bad’ or ‘very bad’ (Leeds City Council).
  • At least 15% of older people in Leeds can be described as ‘lonely’ or ‘socially isolated’ (Leeds City Council).
  • 61% of those with good access to green space are satisfied with their physical health compared to only 44% of those with poor access (Leeds Parks Survey 2018).
  • 14% of those with good access to green space reported poor mental health compared with 22% of those with poor access (Leeds Parks Survey 2018).
  • 37% or people think spending time in parks is very important to quality of life (Leeds Parks Survey 2018).



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