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Hi all, below is a very brief summary of some of the current Government thinking regarding community development and regeneration. Obviously, an election will change things massively but after years of austerity there finally seems to be some promising actions for our sector emerging in these strategies. The full documents will be linked below for those of you who are interested to find out more

Labour’s Civil society strategy- “From paternalism to participation” (June 2019)

  • They outlined a new “Right to Space” to ensure that communities have quality meeting places and venues for activities.
  • They want to set up a “Community Innovation Fund” which will prioritise the communities that have had the most disinvestment over the years. The money from this fund will be used to run projects in and provide activities for local areas.
  • They want to Create a new public right to control which will allow communities to bid to take control of neglected or underused buildings in their area.
  • They want to encourage local authorities to identify and support community anchor organisations to increase community participation in decisions concerning matters such as directing local investment, regeneration and managing parks and green spaces

Conservatives “By deeds and their results-strengthening our communities and nations” (July 2019)

  • Created a Place-Based Action Programme-investing £4.5 million over seven years to support local partnerships of community groups, residents, local councils and service providers to address issues through collective community action.
  • Created a Buildings Connection Fund to help build 144 community spaces for young people to use.
  • They want to create a Park Action group to develop the sustainable future of green spaces and they have already given £15 million in funding to parks since 2016

Conservatives Stronger Towns fund (March 2019)

  • The Stronger Towns Fund will be targeted at places that have not shared in the proceeds of growth in the same way as more prosperous parts of the country.
  • £1.6 billion fund from 2019-2026 to create new jobs, help train local people and boost economic activity
  • Yorkshire and the Humber have been allocated £197 million of this fund.

In terms of non-governmental updates a Community Wealth Fund Alliance has been created. The community Wealth Fund Alliance is a group of public, private and voluntary sector organisations and initiatives that are supporting the call for a new multi-billion pound national endowment to support deprived communities.

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