Getting active in Bramley Fall Park-(and how a measured mile would help!)

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Bramley mens photo

Another lovely walk around Bramley Fall Park with the Men’s group (not sure what the women are up to?) from Bramley Elderly Action on Saturday. Fresh air, exercise, Vitamin D, lovely scenery (took in the canal too) and great company. What’s not to like! And big thanks to Simon for driving them there and back.

Meeting up next Saturday to see what other activities they would like to do; yoga and table tennis looking favourite? this space.

Next event up in the park is an orienteering and multi sports session for the year 6’s at Whitecote primary. 52 children getting active with orienteering, multi sports, football, penalty competition (need to train the next generation in time for the 2030 world cup!) and rounders.

In return the children are going to give us their views on ideas for improving the park, which hopefully will include some support for a measured mile in the Park, which everyone, particularly the schools we’ve spoken to (who should be committing to the Governments are very keen on. Surely that is one improvement we can get done this year? Watch this space…….




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