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North West + West Yorks Big Locals networking event,

20th July, 2018, 10.30am – 4.00pm Sale West Community Centre, Sale,

·        What common issues, challenges, opportunities are Big Locals in the north west facing?

·        Thinking about the future, how can Big Locals in the north west work more closely together?

What’s it all about?

In 2016 a north west network of Big Local was set up to share ideas and expertise across 38 Big Local areas, from Blackpool to West Yorkshire. Between May 2016 and January 2018, 8 events were held, all hosted by different Big Local areas. The events covered a range of issues and topics, including local economic development, community hubs, financial well being etc

Why is this important?

This workshop will focus on how Big Locals can work even more closely together, how they can harness their resources to the benefit of all members.

Five years into the Programme each area has built up a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience, and this session will look at how those resources can be shared across areas, and how we might develop new initiatives for collaboration and support.

On the day

The day will broadly split in to 2:

Part (i) will be a series of interactive discussions around key themes for Big Local areas (we will be sending out a short survey to all participants to find out what those might be)

There will also be a review of what was achieved in the first round of networking events and pick up on any outstanding issues

Part (ii) will look at what opportunities there might be for collaboration and mutual support between Big local areas, especially thinking about the future and legacy of the Big Local program.

Presentation time will be kept to a minimum, with emphasis being on group activities, together with leaving lots of time for informal networking, i.e. coffee breaks and lunch!


Supporting you to attend

The event is free for anyone who lives, works or volunteers in a Big Local area and we will provide lunch. We also provide financial support for travel, childcare and other care costs to residents in Big Local areas. We can also book and pay for travel in advance.

Please contact Wendy Joynes in advance to arrange this: or 020 3588 0565.

If you are attending a Big Local event as part of your paid work/employment then we ask that your employer cover your expenses. However, we can pay or contribute towards worker’s expenses in exceptional circumstances.  Please contact Wendy for further information.

Interested in participating? Want more information?

To book a place, please contact Rob Billson, tel 07540 888641

For more information, contact Clare, or ……..

The workshop will be facilitated by Big Local reps Tony Mullin and Rob Billson and the Sale West Big Local partnership.






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