5 Ways to Kickstart Your Health From Home

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Gyms, swimming pools and other facilities may be reopening again, but it’s understandable that you may be reluctant to head back so soon. Especially, if like me, you’ve spent the last few months sofa bound, remote in one hand, ice cream in the other.

With this in mind, we’re happy to announce that The National Lottery has given us the funding to host our own online exercise classes! These will be aimed at older adults to help tackle inactivity and isolation. Watch this space!

But in the meantime, here’s a few apps and youtubers to get you started on your way, gym free. 

Couch to 5K app:

Would this list be complete without the Couch to 5K app? I think not. The handy app takes absolute beginners to running a 5K in 9 weeks, through 3 runs a week. It starts with a combination of walking and running, and gradually builds you up to running the full distance. Even better, it’s totally free and all you need is a pair of trainers to get started.

Great for: beginners, aspiring runners, people who like to set targets.

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Yoga with Adriene:

Probably the most darling You Tube channel there is. Whether you’re just wanting to increase your flexibility or you’re a well trained yogi, Adrienes sweet voice and caring nature will make you feel welcome in her online classes. With over 500 videos to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Plus, her videos often feature her cute dog Benji, it’s a win- win!

Great for: relaxation, improving flexibility and strength.

Nike Training Club App:

If you have more of a focus on building strength and muscle, this might be the one for you. It comes with many workouts, and you can browse by muscle type, time, your level of equipment and more. Even better, after downloading the app it asks you information on your activity levels, and uses that to recommend your first workouts. Although this app does have the option to pay for more workouts, you’ll find the free version has more than enough to get you going! 

Great for: beginner to advanced, building strength.

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Natacha Oceane:

Perhaps the most well spoken, well educated fitness Youtuber there is. Natacha uses up to date science to explain phenomena such as fat loss, increasing your metabolism, building muscle and more. Since lockdown, her Youtube and Instagram has taken a focus on providing at home HIIT workouts which will definitely get you a sweaty mess by the end of 15 minutes. If you’re up for a challenge, she’s the one to try!

Great for: intermediate to advanced, becoming more athletic. 

J&J Official 7 Minute Workout App:

This app combines the fitness benefits of weight training and cardio to provide quick, circuit based workouts. You’re able to track your progress on the app and create your own circuits based on your ability and favourite moves. The best things about this app? It’s totally free, and each workout only takes 7 minutes to complete, perfect for those short on time or just getting into fitness.

Great for: beginner to intermediate, those short on time. 

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And there we have it, 5 ways to kickstart your health from home. Dont forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get updates on when we’ll be launching our own online classes!



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