Proposal for a programme of summer events in Brackenhill Park

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In October 2018 Tony met with the Friends of Brackenhill Park group to discuss the work Your Back Yard did with Wibsey Park in 2017/18, with the view of running similar events in Brackenhill Park next summer. FOBP agreed to show Tony around the park, and he made a few observations:

  • The park has a lot of potential but needs investment in order to attract more users
  • The play area need to be refurbished and updated
  • There is little provision in the park for older children
  • A measured mile would be a cost-effective way of attracting more users
  • Brackenhill Primary School should be focused on as a key user of the park

The project proposal comprises of two stages:

Phase 1: A survey of park users within a 10 minute walking distance of the park will be undertaken so that we can find out what people like and dislike about the park, what their suggestions are for improving the park, and whether or not people are interested in getting involved in supporting the park through, for example, joining the FOBP group. We will put the survey online, and hope to receive 150 completed surveys in total. We also aim to conduct 10 semi-structured interviews with key stakeholders in the park, such as council officers, the Bowling Club, and Brackenhill Primary School.

Phase 2: An application for funding of up to £10,000 will then be made to the National Lottery or Sport England in order to fund an 8 week Healthy Living Park project in Brackenhill Park in the summer of 2019. The funding could pay for equipment needed for the activities e.g. football goals and bibs, the installation of a measured mile, a launch event, and coaching from qualified coaches. As we have done with previous Healthy Living Park projects, we will also write a feedback report that can be used to form the basis of future funding applications. For example, it could be used to fund a new play area or skate park in Brackenhill Park.

Over the past few years our Healthy Living Parks programmes have really taken off, and we hope that we will be able to run another successful, well-attended and, most importantly, fun series of events for everyone in Brackenhill Park’s local community.



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