Getting Active And Online: A New Era For Exercise?

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After receiving funding from The National Lottery a few days ago, we are happy to announce that we are launching our new project- ‘Getting Active and Online’.

There are three aims of the project:

  1. Encouraging older people to access the digital space 
  2. Providing free online exercise classes 
  3. Allowing them safe ways to socialise with friends 

Currently, we are working with our pool of trusted instructors and local Neighbourhood Networks to roll out the scheme. We hope to offer something for everyone, from yoga, to tai chi, to chair based exercise. The plan is to host interactive live streams so people can follow along real time, with a ‘zoom cafe’ afterwards- giving time to relax and socialise. We also want to upload some sessions to Youtube, so they can be accessed anytime, anywhere. 

We understand that getting older people online can be challenging. With this in mind, we plan to purchase some tablets with data to make the content accessible to those who don’t have the internet. This will be run alongside digital training sessions, also showing them how to access resources such as online food shopping and NHS advice. 

Prior to lockdown, we built a real momentum offering classes to a range of people across Leeds. We hope to emulate this through our new project whilst social distancing restrictions are still in place. 

Many services have moved online and only accelerated the move towards a digital world, and it is crucial that older people are not left behind! 

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