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As students of the school of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Leeds, we have had the rewarding opportunity of working with Your Back Yard over the course of our second semester, conducting research with them in order to gauge public interest in one of their latest projects. This project was to attempt to recruit Community Health and Activity Ambassadors in the West Leeds area in order to promote healthy living and help run future healthy living events.

Throughout the experience we have had the chance to liaise with both the public and some brilliant organisations in Leeds, from conducting surveys at the Junk Food Café (a fantastic scheme run by the team at the beautiful All Hallows Church in Hyde Park) to running stalls at community events such as a International Women’s Day in Farnley, and at Leeds University Union.

We found that, while the student population of Leeds tends to be relatively active and concerned about their health, this conscientiousness tends so subside in the general population. Also, though a select few respondents seemed excited to help, it appears that there is still work to be done in promoting this message across Leeds.

We have both found this experience to be very enriching and I wish Your Back Yard all the best for their future endeavours, as I believe their cause is one of great importance and selflessness, and would be more than happy to help with any projects they may run in the future.

State healthy, stay active, stay brilliant,

Drew and Ashleigh.

The three levels of commitment for the Community Health and Activity Ambassador Ashleigh and Drew came up with

The three levels of commitment for the Community Health and Activity Ambassador Ashleigh and                                                                                    Drew came up with


The Stall at the Union

                                             The Stall at the Union



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