Introducing our newest member of the team Victoria!

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Hello everyone!

My name is Victoria and I am so excited to be joining the team at Your Back Yard, taking over as the new Project Development and Digital Inclusion Officer. I wanted to introduce myself as the new Kyra and help people put a face to the name as I begin my work with this incredible company. I have just finished my second year of my BA Geography Degree at the University Of Leeds. Studying for a BA degree means I do mostly human geography as opposed to physical – so think more populations, politics, and identities, and less mountains, glaciers and oxbow lakes! I have always wanted what I do to matter, make a difference and incite change and that’s what excites me about working for Your Back Yard. I am particularly passionate about sustainability and finding creative and feasible solutions to the Climate Crisis. I have particular interests in urban planning, conservation and exploring culture & identity in an ever-globalizing world. I look forward to making communities across Leeds happier and healthier through the number of amazing projects led by Your Back Yard.  I am excited to get stuck in and hopefully meet some of you in person, perhaps at our Family Fun Activity Day on Saturday the 2nd of August! Check out our latest Instagram post for the details. 

Aside from my degree, I am hugely creative and have a passion for theatre and the arts! A fun fact about me is that although I was born in London, I have been lucky enough to spend 12 of my 20 years on this Earth living abroad. I’ve had some incredible adventures living in Paris, Vienna and Dubai! 

That’s all from me now but please feel free to get in touch with us or just keep yourself updated about what we do at Your Back Yard through our social media:

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And be sure to stay tuned for our 4th episode of our Young at Heart podcast discussing Health Inequalities by following our Podcast socials:

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I hope everyone’s doing well and staying safe during this heatwave!

All the best,




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