Thanks to the splendid efforts of Paige and Katy, our 2 student placements from Leeds University, we have the  inital findings from the health and well being survey in Hyde Park, Burley and Little Woodhouse.

Katy has produced a poster setting out the results which can be found at

CC-Poster of initial findings from survey, edited version

some of the main findings, from a sample of 85 participants were

  • only 33% of people exercise two to three times a week
  • 53% agreed that the LS6 area needs more easily accessible opportunities for people to exercise and engage in healthy activities.
  • 82% of people agreed that affordability was the most important factor that would convince them to engage in sports, followed by location (71%) and having someone to go with (61%) (Figure 3).
  • Cycling was also the most popular kind of exercise that participants were interested in and would be likely to attend.

The full findings, from all 400 surveys, will follow shortly…..



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