Nutritionist Partnership On Live Stream Classes!

Published by Sydney O'Connor on

As you may be aware, every week for the past couple of months we have been hosting at least 3 live exercise classes on Zoom for older adults. They’ve gone down an absolute treat- we’ve had over a thousand attendances so far.

With the turn of the new year we surveyed the class users to gauge their feedback on said classes. Encouragingly, the headlines from the survey was that people felt their physical and mental health had improved, whilst having fun, and they wanted to see them continue. Hurrah!

Over 80% of people saw improvements in their physical health, mental health and/or had fun on the classes.
93% of people would definitely like to see the classes continue.

We received some very useful feedback on how to improve the cafe portion of the class, with suggestions including having Q&A sessions with fitness instructors and guest speakers. So far Tony and Arun have run sessions like this, and I hope you enjoyed them, it seems like you did from the feedback we’ve received! 

To spice things up further, we are excited to announce that we’ll be partnering with registered sport and exercise nutritionist Ann-Marie Bunyon, who will be leading tailored and interactive food based sessions throughout the next 10 weeks. 

Here’s the schedule (so grab your diary!):

Be sure to join the classes in the coming weeks to not miss out. 

Receive the up to date schedule and zoom links for the classes straight to your inbox here.



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