Making Connections!

Published by Victoria Norman on

We’ve been some social butterflies recently! Check out who we’ve been speaking to!

Last month we attended the Health and Wellbeing Community Fair at St Andrews Community Centre in Beeston! We had so many lovely chats with fellow organisations doing incredible work and people from the local area! This is also the venue we are delivering out Digital Inclusion Cafes at!

Next, our team had a great meeting yesterday with Councillor Kevin Ritchie, always inspiring to share ideas and learn from one another.

Lastly, we were invited to attend the Leeds Digital Ball Lunch last week and have the opportunity to network with sponsors of the ball as well as fellow organisations funded by Leeds Community Foundation!

We are so lucky in Leeds to have so many organisations working towards reducing the digital divide and bridging that gap!

Attending to represent one of only 5 organisations chosen for this grant that received over 200 applications, we loved meeting representatives from incredible organisations such as @meanwoodfarm@thehighriseproject and @smartworksleeds

Thank you to Leeds Community Foundation for an amazing event!



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