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Hi everyone!

We just thought we’d let you know that we’ve made two applications for different projects that would provide older people across Leeds with the opportunity to take part in walking sports in a supportive, fun, and familiar environment.

One of the projects would involve us running a series of taster sessions for all of the interested Neighbourhood Networks in Leeds. These taster sessions would include walking football, walking netball, walking rugby, and a choice of one other activity such as Tai Chi, yoga, dance, or meditation.

The other bid would allow us to run a weekly walking football session for a whole year with Bramley Elderly Action, who took part in our previous project for over 50s.

These projects would end with a walking sports tournament that would take place in a central location in Leeds.

The ultimate aim of the projects is to set up a walking sports league in Leeds, in which we would facilitate regular matches between the teams.

We really hope that we’re successful with the applications! Make sure you check back on our website, and stay up to date with us on our Facebook and Twitter accounts so that you never miss any news from us.



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