In June 2017, Your Back Yard were commissioned by the ‘Friends of Wibsey park’ and Bradford Council to carry out some research into Wibsey park, a much loved, but underused, green space situated 3 miles West of the city centre. The aims of the research were to find out who used the park, how they used it, and what would encourage them to use it more. More than 100 surveys were carried out, with participants including users of the park, and households within walking distance. We also spoke 1:1 with a number of key stakeholder organisations, including local schools, sports clubs using the park, and some third sector organisations that are also based there.

We then produced a feedback report, setting out all of the responses from the consultation. This was then discussed at a well-attended public meeting held at the Bowling Club in the Park in October. The upshot of this was a short-term action plan of measures that we used to support the Friends of Wibsey Park group in their aims to develop and deliver a programme of healthy living events that took place over the following 12 months. 

As a result of the research we did, and with the support of Friends of Wibsey Park, we ran a successful series of healthy living activities as part of the Wibsey Park Healthy Living Park project. These activities included a launch day, tai chi, a nature walk, football, and cycling, and were successful in getting more people into the park, and more health into the people!

Full report: