In June 2017, Your Back Yard were awarded £5,000 from Leeds City Council’s ‘Well Being’ fund to run a Healthy Living Park programme in Bramley Fall park, 4 miles west of the city centre. Our work included contacting local schools, other stakeholders and potential partners. From previous research we have carried out in West Leeds, we were aware of what the over 55’s would be interested in doing in a park setting (e.g. guided walks, tennis and organised sports). However, we also needed to find out what other target groups such as young people, and those with physical and mental health issues would like to do. Therefore, we needed to find a partner or 2 to help raise awareness of healthy living and healthy lifestyles, to run alongside the active programme.

In August 2017, our new Healthy Living Park project began, and it was a great success! We kicked off with multi-sports in partnership with Health For All, where over 40 young people attended. We also ran dance sessions with DAZL, as well as some yoga sessions which were popular with a range of ages! There were also lot of other activities introduced as the programme went on, including a cycling session, guided walks, and football sessions.

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