Bramley Elderly Action have commissioned ‘Your Back Yard’ to provide digital support for 30 of their members.

It might be a stretch to claim any positive impacts of the pandemic, but arguably it has highlighted the value that the internet provides for those who are digitally connected. Whether it’s online shopping, video calling friends, or watching videos of cats, there’s a lot to be gained from the trend towards digitalisation. Yet, 5 million over 55’s are not online (Centre for Aging Better).

Last year, when Bramley Elderly Action rang round their 1,400 members they found that 95% of them don’t use digital tools or channels. In order to chip away at this figure, in May 2021 they commissioned us, with the help of students from the Leeds Universities, to provide 1-1 digital support for 30 older adults.

Throughout the training, we hope to be flexible in our approach to the digital training, meeting in person where we can, and learning in group settings to supplement individual training. We hope to make this work more sustainable by keeping an eye out for individuals within the 30 who might have the potential to help other members from Bramley Elderly Action get to grips with digital tools.

It’s early days on this project, but we’re looking forward to getting started and sharing updates as they unfold.