In Autumn 2020, we were commissioned to help RWT write their next and final 5 year community plan.

Rudheath and Witton were granted £1 million to use over 10 years to make a ‘massive and lasting positive difference’ to the area. Now half way through, we’re working with the partnership, local stakeholders and members of the community to create a plan that will create a lasting legacy in the area.

So far, the Big Local project has seen good work towards its priorities, such as creating a network of volunteers, generating relationships between organisations and stimulating community involvement across demographics. We’re sure that these previous priorities and learnings will be invaluable in creating the plan going forward!

Big Local projects are resident led, with a focus on listening to the voices of local people to make decisions. Despite restrictions from the pandemic, we will be ensuring that this remains a prime concern in crafting a plan for the next four years. This means getting creative by moving meetings and interviews to telephone and video call formats so our plan is well informed by people who live and work in the area.

Naturally, our plan will have to account for social distancing restrictions and post lockdown life. In spite of this, we are eager to get this project moving and hopefully create a plan which local stakeholders are excited about!