In Spring 2020, ‘Your Back Yard’ was commissioned to lead a project across the Heights and Bawns area in collaboration with Barca-Leeds.

The aims of this project are to improve people’s physical health and well-being and to bring together people of all ages and sectors of the community.

The key outcomes we are hoping to achieve are:

  • Improving people’s physical health.
  • Improving well-being.
  • Reducing isolation and loneliness.
  • Reducing digital exclusion.
  • Bringing people together and improving community cohesion.

To achieve the above aims and outcomes, a variety of activities will be delivered. Although not finalised, potential activities may include:

  • Indoor activity sessions for over 50’s such as walking football or chair based yoga.
  • A summer holiday programme of activities for those aged 5-12 held in Farnley Park, the MUGA and the grass football pitch.
  • Orienteering sessions with local schools.
  • Setting up social networks based on shared interests.
  • Setting up digital inclusion clubs to be ran in partnership with Armley Helping Hands.
  • Putting on healthy skills courses such as healthy cookery classes.
  • A family fun day with a range of activities.

We have consulted with local stakeholder organisations and conducted extensive door knocking across the area to gauge what might be popular with residents. So far, we’ve held two community days, planned activities with local schools and local organisations for the community based on demand.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions much of our planned work in the area has been put on hold, but we look forward to continuing this project when restrictions allow.