Haw Hill Park is a key area of green space in the centre of Normanton with a wide range of uses including football pitches, tennis courts, play area, a pond and small woodland area. However, the park is in a poor state of repair and certainly not being used to its full potential.

We have helped the Friends of Haw Hill Park to secure funding to carry out a pre-feasibility study, as part of a phased programme of improvements.

We hope to bring forward improvements to the park with better facilities for play and sport, improved landscaping and other enhancements. This will improve the quality of life, health and wellbeing of local residents.

Tennis Courts at Haw Hill Park
New playground at Haw Hill Park

The Friends of Haw Hill Park are a group of local residents who have come together to improve the park for the benefit of the community. Giving up their time to volunteer on projects, the group have already improved the condition of the pond and replanted flower beds for the winter.

The aim of our project is to help the people of Normanton create an accessible, well maintained park that meets the needs of local people.

There is also a fantastic opportunity, driven partly by austerity and partly by new powers available to third sector groups, for the users of the park, led by the Friends of Haw Hill Park, to take on a significantly higher level of ownership, and control, of these facilities. This could apply to the planning, delivery and subsequent management of the park, or parts of it.