Orienteering in the rain-What a great sport!

Published by Tony Mullin on

HLP orienteering, 2

Fantastic orienteering session today in People’s Park with the children from St Mary’s school Halifax! Despite the horrendous weather, more than 100 kids, from, years 1, 3 and 5 had a great time, taking part in 3 separate sessions.

The reason for trying out orienteering was we (myself and Lisa Foster, KS2 leader from the school and the real driving force behind this) thought it might be a good way of getting young people, to exercise, and have fun, who aren’t necessarily interested in sport, or are put off by competition. And wow, that was just how it tuned out. 100 kids running around the entire park, having a great time in the rain, exercising, and learning orienteering skills. Will DEFINITELY include this in future Healthy Living Park projects

HLP Orienteering, 1



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