Lottery funding secured for Wibsey Park!

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‘Your Back Yard’ has just been awarded a 10k grant from the national lottery to work with the Friends of Wibsey Park in delivering a fun programme of fun, healthy activities for all ages, this summer. Hurrah!

This project is the 4th park to be awarded funding (from various sources), all part of a wider ‘Healthy Living Park’ initiative aimed at getting more health into people, and more people into parks.

Activities from Zumba to rugby will be provided throughout the summer holidays, and some into the autumn, aimed at appealing to all age groups, and all free to participants!

The background to this was that YBY were commissioned by Bradford council last summer to find out what improvements people would like to see in the park, to measure support for a summer activity programme and to identify some new members for to resurrect the Friends of Wibsey Park.

Student researchers carried out more than 100 surveys, the outcomes from which were:

(i) a 2 year action plan of short term projects

(ii) a new ‘Friends of Wibsey Park’ group with more than 20 park lovers now coming along to meetings

(iii) the evidence to back up support for a summer activity programme…which the lottery has now agreed to fund!

So great news all around. There will be a family fun day on Sunday May 27th to launch the HLP Programme, which, in addition to being a fantastic day out for everyone, will be an opportunity for activity providers to showcase what they do. So far football, tennis, rugby, zumba and boating are signed up, with more on the way, and if the activities prove popular they could form part of the summer programme.

(Just need the sun to come out in May and hang around until about mid October!)







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