Evaluation of Healthy Living Park project finally hits the news stands!

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Not sure what to make of the fact that the People’s Park ‘Healthy Living Park’ Project in Halifax took 7 months to develop and deliver, whilst the Evaluation into its efficacy and impact took 9 months!

Must be a veritable masterpiece, judge for yourselves (HLP-Evaluation report, final PDF version). Headline findings included:

  • The project was overall a success; over 700 people participated, more than 40 sessions were delivered and more than 20 organisations got involved in development or delivery
  • People like doing healthy activities in parks, particularly if they’ve got company, and there is an instructor or coach
  • Need to give a bit more thought to measuring the impact we are having on people’s health, on how to make activities and outcomes sustainable and how to use volunteers more
  • The development of a HLP toolkit (coming soon to a shop near you) will make future HLP’s much easier to develop

Talking of future HLP projects, HLP Mark 2 gets underway on May 27th, Healthy Living Park, the second! to be delivered in Haw Hill Park, Normanton this summer, thanks to a grant from the lottery.

Watch this space, there will be an evaluation due out, mmm, about…. 2019.



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