Developing a Healthy Living Programme in Inner West Leeds

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Hi, I’m Katy Diamond, a second year student at the University of Leeds and I will be working with ‘Your Back Yard’ on their healthy living initiative over the next few weeks. Research will be conducted in partnership with the Cardigan Centre, who YBY are working with on a potential exciting new development focused on health and well-being.


The aim of this project is to help local residents become more active in order to prevent long-term illnesses. Exercise has many other benefits, including reducing isolation, and these can impact greatly on individual well-being both physically and mentally. Therefore, it is imperative to introduce schemes for local residents to ensure people do not become inactive and risk damaging their health.

Therefore, our first task is to collect evidence that healthy living needs to be addressed in the LS6 area. In pairs, we are going to conduct research by going out onto the streets of LS6 to ask local residents to answer a questionnaire on their lifestyle. These answers will provide an evidence base to fund a local project that will help to prevent long-term illnesses.

The data collected from the questionnaires will help us find out what types of activity are most wanted in the area. In this way, ‘Your Back Yard’ and the Cardigan Centre will be able to establish new exercise programmes for the local community based on the preferences of local people.

I am very much looking forward to being part of this research which will hopefully improve the lives of the people living in the LS6 area. I am excited to meet local residents and learn about their lifestyles and views about healthy living and be part of the change towards healthier and more active choices.



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