Bramley Walking Wanderers Post Match Report- 14/05/21

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Tony Mullin reports on this mornings tense game:

10am, Friday morning, covid restrictions lifted, could only mean one thing.  The marvelous Bramley Walking Wanderers were braving the May elements to hone their walking football skills on the lush fields of Bramley Park.

It was week 6 of the return to play after the post xmas lockdown had cruelly forced us off the pitch, and hopefully 5 weeks of post lockdown training had got us back to somewhere near peak fitness.

A perfect split of 6 females and 6 males gave us the irresistible possibility of pitting the sexes, for the first time ever, in a ‘gender grudge’ match.

As ever proceedings started with an extensive warm up, to get the joints moving, the blood flowing and another chance to see John and Martin try and master the ‘grapevine’ move.

A passing drill was won easily by the women…without going into too much detail, because Eileen scored a beauty and the men couldn’t count to 6.

And, at last, onto the match. A number of questions peppered the pre match analysis. Would Joy keep up her record of a goal a game since October 2020? Could Susan hold the midfield together or was she still feeling the effects of that nasty mid season injury? Would anyone ever score past Steve? Would Sydney remember which way she was kicking?? All would be revealed….

The first half and the men kicking downhill, dominating possession but unable to score. The women defending heroically, exemplified by Rose hurling herself onto the floor to block a goal bound effort (don’t think her mum will be pleased when she sees the state of her muddy trousers mind), and Dolores somehow keeping out a thunderbolt from Philip that Peter Lorrimer (RIP) would have been proud of.   

Half time, Val gave out the grapes, Dolores rallied her troops, whilst the men..just talked rubbish between themselves. 

Second half and the same pattern of play, men in possession, women holding firm. Then, out of nothing, a through ball from Trevor, ‘goals’ Birch was onto it and, despite it being on his supposedly weaker foot, he arrowed it into the corner past the despairing dive of Dolores. 1-0.

Was there any way back for the gallant women, could they fashion just one chance for that goal machine Joy, so far expertly ‘shackled’ by Trevor? With 5 minutes to go, they did just that. A superb 3 women move involving the evergreen Eileen and indefatigable Val, a through ball and Joy, for once escaping the attentions of the last defender, was onto it, steadied herself, just the goalie to beat, and shot… agonisingly inches wide. Football at the elite level… it’s all about fine margins.

A second goal for the men a few minutes later clinched the game. The final whistle blew, the men exultant, whilst the women sank to the Bramley Park turf.

Goal of the match, Gordon.

Player of the match, Trevor.

Save of the match, Dolores. 



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