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Hi this is Katy again with an update on our research project for ‘Your Back Yard’, in partnership with the Cardigan Centre (see photo!).

Over the past few weeks we have been conducting fieldwork in the LS6 area to obtain the overall target of 650 questionnaires. We have also inputted the data from the completed questionnaires into a shared document that will be used when analysing the results from the surveys.

We have been very successful so far and are well underway to meeting our goal within a few weeks. This research can then be used to show the funders from the Big Lottery that there is a need for healthy living initiatives in LS6. Based on results from the questionnaire, initiatives can be introduced that resonate with the preferences of the local community.

So far, my partner and I have visited places such as the Cardigan Road laundrette, the co-op and the Continental Store in Hyde Park. We also visited the Rosebank School this week where we asked parents to fill out the questionnaires and also ran a focus group for richer feedback on the needs and wants of local residents. The focus group helped draw attention to the lack of activities for young people in the area after school and during school holidays.

Staff and volunteers from ‘Your Back Yard’ have also been to public areas across LS6 where they have asked people to fill in the questionnaires. In the coming days we will visit centres and cafes in Woodhouse too, thus ensuring  the results are representative of the population that are being researched.

There is a link to an online version of the survey that can be found at We would be very grateful if residents in Hyde Park, Burley or Woodhouse could answer this short questionnaire to help us reach our goal!



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