icon2-01We can help in the crucial early stages of the Neighbourhood Development Plans process, engaging local people to give communities the chance to shape what kind of development happens in their area.  

About Neighbourhood Plans

NDPs can be lead by two types of body – town and parish councils or ‘neighbourhood forums’. Neighbourhood forums are community groups for areas without parishes. The local planning authority (the Council) agrees who should be the neighbourhood forum for the area.

NDPs could revolutionise land use planning at local level.  This makes them a great opportunity for local people to exert some real influence over what, when and how development takes place in their area. Around 1,000 communities have taken the first formal steps towards producing a neighbourhood development plan, 80 full draft plans have been produced for consultation and 13 have been passed at community referendums.

Although many NDP’s have focused on housing development (and let’s face it, that’s where most of the controversy is!) they can also cover many other things, such as recreation, play, green space, broadband provision etc.

Funding to support Neighbourhood Planning

NDP3The good news is all groups writing a neighbourhood plan are able to apply for up to £8,000 to buy in support to help you develop your plan, and ensure it meets all the requirements (and there are quite a few!).

What ‘Your Back Yard’ can offer

‘Your Back Yard’ have extensive experience of helping groups develop their neighbourhood plans, from designating their area and Forum to drafting their actual policies. We can offer a range of support, at any stage of the plan development process, including;

  1. Getting started
    • Designating the area (if you are in a non parished area)
    • Developing your Neighbourhood planning forum
  2. Building an evidence base
    • Drawing on statistics, census data etc
    • Undertaking a policy analysis of the Local Plan
    • Using existing community policies e.g. Village Design Statements, Conservation area appraisals, parish plans etc
    • Doing a Housing Needs Assessment
  3. Quality control
    • have you consulted with all statutory consultees?
    • have you consulted all sectors of the community; young people, old people, minorities etc?
    • are your policies in conformity with the local plan?
  4. Establishing the scope of the plan
    • Developing a vision, objectives and key themes for the plan
    • Developing policies, under each theme
    • Developing community actions
  5. Site appraisal
    • Analysing potential viability of sites
    • Liaising with council and other statutory Agencies
    • Bringing in specialist support where required
    • Developing policies for each site

Get in touch!

The needs of every group will be different, so please do give a call to discuss how we might be able to help.