family1-01We can help community groups come together, develop shared aims, agree a constitution and start to organise change in their local area.  And we can help existing groups develop and grow their impact.

Support to existing community groups

Often our work involves working with existing community organisations, such as Community Associations or Friends of the local park.  We can offer practical support  such as

  • finding out what local people want to see happen
  • identifying funding opportunities and writing bids for funding
  • using social media to connect with local people
  • changing the legal status of the organisation, such as becoming a CIC or a Charity

Creating new groups

Sometimes we need to work in areas or on issues where there is not yet a group established.  In these cases, we can help create a group of local people who want to work together to make things happen, and support them to become a formal group with a constitution, office holder such as a Chair and Treasurer, and open a bank account.  Where necessary, we can to help develop business plans and register as a CIC or Charity.