We can help your club ensure it has everything in place in order to maximise its chances of attracting investment from external funders.Many sports clubs are in the position of looking for funding to improve their facilities, and there are a very wide range of potential sources of funding available, from the public, private and third sectors. However, competition for these funds, particularly the bigger grants, is usually fierce. Priority will invariably be given to clubs which are well ran, have the proper processes and procedures in place and, most crucially, are looking to expand opportunities for people to participate in sport, as opposed to merely improving facilities for the benefit of their existing membership.

Our Support

Examples of the kind of support we can offer are given below;

  • Identifying potential grant funding most appropriate to your club
  • Make applications, or help you make applications, to grant funders; sports governing bodies, the lottery, the sports council, corporate funding pots, Landfill tax distributers, your local Foundation, individual benefactors, charitable trusts
  • Identify and approach potential sponsors from the local business community (and set up a ‘package’ to attract such sponsors)
  • Set up a crowdfunding/just giving platform to raise money from local people, businesses and benefactors
  • Use social media such as Twitter, a facebook page, website page, to publicise the project and get people to go onto the crowdfunding site to donate
  • Help you get your policies and procedures in order and up to scratch to maximise the chances of bids being successful, e.g. governance arrangements, membership rules, sports development plans, safeguarding,


The costs of these services will of course depend on what level of support you require, in which area. However, if we are making applications on your behalf to funders, the majority of any payment would be dependent on the application being successful, so we would in effect be sharing the risk.