icon7-01We work with communities to identify what their priorities are, develop plans and put them into practice.

Identify community needs

We often start by asking local people what they want.  This can include:

  • carrying out an ‘audit’ of community facilities, play areas, and other assets in the community
  • consulting local people about the issues that matter to them
  • talking to the Council, police and other organisations to identify the issues and opportunities

Develop plans and projects

Once we know what people want, we can then develop ideas, driven by local people for projects and activities that can address the needs.  This might mean:

  • developing plans to improve a community centre
  • designing plans for new play facilities
  • creating projects to use volunteers and trainees to tidy up the open spaces in the community
  • developing ways for local people to shape the services and activities in their local area

Make things happen

Wherever possible, we want to make tangible things happen in the places we work.  We care about involving people in the process, but we care most about making things better for the communities we work with.  So, we try to make sure that we help make things happen, for example by:

  • helping to secure funding to carry out projects
  • securing the necessary approvals so that things can go ahead
  • creating new partnerships and community-led organisations to manage projects, buildings or parks
  • where necessary, directly managing projects ourselves, so they happen

We aim to create opportunities for training, employment or volunteering within the projects as they happen.