In June 2017, YBY was commissioned by the ‘Friends of Wibsey park’ and Bradford Council to carry out some research into Wibsey park, a much loved but under used green space situated 3 miles west of the city centre. The aims of the research are to find out who uses the park, how they use it, and what would encourage them to use it more. We will be carrying out surveys of users in the park, and households within walking distance, and talking to key stakeholders including local schools, sports clubs using the park and some third sector organisations that are also based there.

We will then produce a feedback report, setting out what the main issues are, some of the challenges and, most importantly some ideas for improving the park in the short, medium and long term. Another key aim is to find new people to strengthen the ‘Friends of’ group as without this, any improvements are unlikely to be sustainable.

Wibsey park lodge

Wibsey park lodge


Wibsey park lake






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