Third Sector Funding, Leeds

Improving the quality of life for people is what we do, but we want to create a detailed evidence base to help us make more of a difference.

We founded Your Back Yard because we believe the areas that are most in need do not receive their fair share of funding. Whether this is for play spaces, parks or community centres, our ambition is to work with the people in these areas, supporting them to secure funding and carry out the projects they would like to see. The aim of this project is to bring together academics from the University of Leeds to test our belief, better understand how these community projects are supported, and ultimately inform the way we work.

We received funding support from Leeds ACTS, which is a partnership developing between the city’s three universities and the many voluntary and community organisations in Leeds. They work to build closer relationships between researchers, students, charities and voluntary and community organisations to support joint work that benefits the communities of Leeds and to shape how the higher education sector engages with others in the city.