Rastrick, photo 1

In 2015 ‘Your Back Yard’ put in a bid proposal to improve 3 parks and play areas in Rastrick, near Brighouse West Yorkshire. Our bid was submitted though a participatory budget competition called Voice Your Choice that was ran as part of the Rastrick Big Local Programme. We came second out of 14 projects and were awarded £40,000 to deliver our project.

Bewteen May 2015 and November 2017 we

(i) Made bids to:

  • Tesco Bags of Help-£8,000 secured
  • Sita Landfill Community Fund-£35,000 secured
  • Community Foundation for Calderdale-£3,500 secured
  • Council Community projects Fund-£3,000 secured
  • Pennine Housing local projects fund-£3500 secured
  • CMBC Capital fund-£30,000 secured

(ii) Set up a  local group, ‘Rastrick Plays Better’ (RPB), comprising residents, the councila nd oter agencies, to maximise the chances of getting other funding, and to oversee the delivery of the project

(iii) Held consultations with all local schools in the area, and pupils from the primary schools nearest each of the sites came out to each of the sites to identify what improvements they would like to see.

(iv) Carried out a pre project survey of users at all 3 sites was carried out before the works commenced, which allowed for a full ‘impact assessment’ to be carried out post project

  • Overall the project was a great success, achieving its overall aim of refurbishing 3 parks and play areas in line with resident priorities-a £40,000 investment by Rastrick Big Local into Your Back Yard generated a return of over £120,000, as YBY successfully secured over £80,000 from other funders.
  • The local group ‘RPB’, has continued to operate after this project was completed, securing funding to improve other sites in the Rastrick area.
  • A lot of lessons have been learnt that will inform future work as we look to replicate this approach in other areas.
  • For a full version of the case study, clink on the link below

Rastrick-Case Study-final version, Feb 28

For before and after shots of all 3 sites, click on the link below

Rastrick-case study-summary, final version