A team of staff from Your Back Yard will be leading a project across the Heights and Bawns area in collaboration with Barca-Leeds.

The aims of this project are to improve people’s physical health and well-being and to bring together people of all ages and sectors of the community.

The key outcomes we are hoping to achieve are:

  • Improving people’s physical health.
  • Improving well-being.
  • Reducing isolation and loneliness.
  • Reducing digital exclusion.
  • Bringing people together and improving community cohesion.

To achieve the above aims and outcomes, a variety of activities will be delivered. Although not finalised, potential activities may include:

  • Indoor activity sessions for over 50’s such as walking football or chair based yoga.
  • A summer holiday programme of activities for those aged 5-12 held in Farnley Park, the MUGA and the grass football pitch.
  • Orienteering sessions with local schools.
  • Setting up social networks based on shared interests.
  • Setting up digital inclusion clubs to be ran in partnership with Armley Helping Hands.
  • Putting on healthy skills courses such as healthy cookery classes.
  • A family fun day with a range of activities.

Stay tuned for more information and updates on activities.




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