7 Mar 2018

Collecting the evidence for a healthy living LS6!

Hi this is Katy again with an update on our research project for ‘Your Back Yard’, in partnership with the Cardigan Centre (see photo!). Over the past few weeks we have been conducting fieldwork in the LS6 area to obtain the overall target of 650 questionnaires. We have also inputted the data from the completed […]

6 Feb 2018

Developing a Healthy Living Programme in Inner West Leeds

Hi, I’m Katy Diamond, a second year student at the University of Leeds and I will be working with ‘Your Back Yard’ on their healthy living initiative over the next few weeks. Research will be conducted in partnership with the Cardigan Centre, who YBY are working with on a potential exciting new development focused on […]

10 Oct 2017

Inactivity, the new smoking!

According to recent research from Public Health England (PHE), more people die a premature death now from inactivity as they do from smoking (come to think of it, have you ever seen an inactive old smoker?). More than 1 in 4 of the population is obese, and this ain’t cheap. Simon Stephens, the chief exec […]

10 Oct 2017

Sociology in Action at YBY

A few weeks ago we attended a conference with Leeds City Council (along with the mayoress!) and The University of Leeds Sociology and Social Policy department to celebrate the work of their students who have completed the Sociology in Action The Urban Impact Programme. This programme is a module within the department which allows students […]

3 Oct 2017

Cardigan Centre Leeds – new project

We have a new project at YBY, as it has recently been agreed that we will be helping the Cardigan Centre in Burley, Leeds to develop a business plan as researching new ways they can fund and bid for resources. The Cardigan Centre is a local, community-based charity which aims to improve the education, welfare, […]

19 Sep 2017

Just past the halfway mark in Bradford

We have just moved past the halfway mark in our project with Bradford Council and Born in Bradford auditing the facilities and stakeholders in contact with 5-14 year olds across 5 wards. So far, we have thoroughly researched all the active stakeholders across a variety of sectors, including faith groups, sports clubs, schools, businesses and […]

5 Sep 2017

Bramley Fall Healthy Living Park

Our new Healthy Living Park is underway in Bramley, Leeds and so far it has been a great success! After a fantastic programme in Haw Hill park, Normanton since July, we have started a new programme over in Bramley, with lots of interest. We kicked off with multi-sports, where over 40 young people attended, yoga […]

17 Aug 2017

New project at YBY with Bradford council!

Your Back Yard recently won a tender to work with Bradford council and Born in Bradford on how to get more children and young people, including their families, more physically active in Bradford. We are excited to be part of such a fantastic and large-scale project, as well as being able to work alongside these […]

16 Aug 2017

Halfway in Haw Hill park

We have reached the halfway mark in our Healthy Living Park in Haw Hill park, with fantastic results! So far we have had roughly 500 people taking part across all our activities over the last month, from Zumba to Crown Bowling! We have revised our timetable slightly now we know what works best and what […]

3 Aug 2017

We are Quality!

This week we furthered our current progress at YBY and we have officially been awarded a Quality For Health level 1 certificate! This means that we have been acknowledged for our organisational policies, procedures and practices in delivering quality services! We are delighted achieved this milestone quality standard! Fantastic news for us, onwards and upwards!