11 May 2018

Healthy Living Park events in Bramley and Wibsey

‘Your Back Yard’ are hosting 2 events later this month, in partnership with 2 marvellous resident led groups, the ‘Friends of Bramley Fall Park’, and the ‘Friends of Wibsey Park’, 1. Bramley Fall Park, Family Fun and Activity day, Sunday, 20th May, 12-4pm Football, rugby, multi sports, yoga, dance, tug o’ war, wildlower planting and […]

7 May 2018

Initial findings from Health and Well being Survey

Thanks to the splendid efforts of Paige and Katy, our 2 student placements from Leeds University, we have the  inital findings from the health and well being survey in Hyde Park, Burley and Little Woodhouse. Katy has produced a poster setting out the results which can be found at CC-Poster of initial findings from survey, […]

5 Apr 2018

Activity programme for over 50’s in west Leeds

  ‘Your Back Yard’ have just been awarded a grant from Sport England to deliver a programme of activities for the over 50’s in LS 6 or, more specifically, Hyde Park, Burley and Little Woodhouse. Tackling inactivity is becoming an increasingly bigger part of what we do, partly because, as recent research from Public Health […]

23 Mar 2018

Student researchers bringing skatepark in west leeds a step nearer!

Hi there!  I am Asha Oguri, an undergraduate student from the University of Leeds on a placement with ‘Your Back Yard’.  I am currently studying Social Policy due to my interests in social and political issues.  The opportunity to work with YBY has been a great experience for me as it has allowed me to […]

21 Mar 2018

Lottery funding secured for Wibsey Park!

‘Your Back Yard’ has just been awarded a 10k grant from the national lottery to work with the Friends of Wibsey Park in delivering a fun programme of fun, healthy activities for all ages, this summer. Hurrah! This project is the 4th park to be awarded funding (from various sources), all part of a wider […]

7 Mar 2018

Collecting the evidence for a healthy living LS6!

Hi this is Katy again with an update on our research project for ‘Your Back Yard’, in partnership with the Cardigan Centre (see photo!). Over the past few weeks we have been conducting fieldwork in the LS6 area to obtain the overall target of 650 questionnaires. We have also inputted the data from the completed […]

6 Feb 2018

Developing a Healthy Living Programme in Inner West Leeds

Hi, I’m Katy Diamond, a second year student at the University of Leeds and I will be working with ‘Your Back Yard’ on their healthy living initiative over the next few weeks. Research will be conducted in partnership with the Cardigan Centre, who YBY are working with on a potential exciting new development focused on […]

10 Oct 2017

Inactivity, the new smoking!

According to recent research from Public Health England (PHE), more people die a premature death now from inactivity as they do from smoking (come to think of it, have you ever seen an inactive old smoker?). More than 1 in 4 of the population is obese, and this ain’t cheap. Simon Stephens, the chief exec […]

10 Oct 2017

Sociology in Action at YBY

A few weeks ago we attended a conference with Leeds City Council (along with the mayoress!) and The University of Leeds Sociology and Social Policy department to celebrate the work of their students who have completed the Sociology in Action The Urban Impact Programme. This programme is a module within the department which allows students […]

3 Oct 2017

Cardigan Centre Leeds – new project

We have a new project at YBY, as it has recently been agreed that we will be helping the Cardigan Centre in Burley, Leeds to develop a business plan as researching new ways they can fund and bid for resources. The Cardigan Centre is a local, community-based charity which aims to improve the education, welfare, […]