We help you make your community a place to be proud of

We support people in communities across the north of England, in places like Newcastle, Bradford and Leeds, to make a difference to their neighbourhood.  We work with local people, businesses, councils and others to identify what is needed in each community, find the money for it, and make it happen.

Whether it is community buildings, open space, improving your street, youth clubs, play areas, healthy living, community training or tackling social problems, our aim is to ensure that those places that need it the most get support to make things better.  We are doing this because we want to make sure communities in deprived areas improve, and we want to help them get their fair share of funding to do this.

Our values: community-led regeneration

Regeneration may be an old-fashioned word now, but that’s what we do.  We are community regeneration specialists, guiding and supporting communities to make improvements that meet their needs, and last.

We believe that everyone has the right to live in a decent area with decent facilities.  We are frustrated that so often, the people and places that most need it don’t get the help they need.  Your Back Yard is our way of doing something about this, by finding ways to make great projects happen in the most deprived parts of the North.

We always look to build long-term benefits into our projects, for example by building training, volunteering and job opportunities into the way the projects are delivered.  And we will support local community development and active participation in the way that the projects are developed.

Once projects are completed, we keep in touch and provide ongoing support as much as we can to make sure that they continue to benefit local people in the way they were supposed to.

Our Annual Reports are available to read below:

Your Back Yard Annual Report 2017/18


Your Back Yard Annual Report 2016

Your Back Yard Annual Report 2015

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